Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?

Bonus point for you if you can name the movie the title of this post is quoting. I know Kathryn at least got it. Although I didn’t want to go shopping there because I knew I wouldn’t be buying anything, I at least wanted to drive down the famous Rodeo Drive with blocks of high end shops.
Next stop was the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. It was very crowded and we drove around block after block looking for a parking spot. Finally a few blocks away we came across another treasure of the West….In-N-Out Burger (this one was across the street from Hollywood High School). This is a famous fast food restaurant that is known for its simple yet tasty menu items. Every time we have eaten at an In-N-Out, it has been packed, no matter what time. We were able to park there, eat our burgers and fries (made from fresh potatoes at the restaurant), and then walk to Hollywood Blvd. Funny, as I am typing this Tom Hanks is talking about In-N-Out Burger on the Late Night Show. We figured out why there were no parking places. At the Chinese Theatre that evening was the premiere of Bruno. This is the Borat guy's new movie….not a fan at all, but apparently there are lots of them out there who were anxious to snap a picture. I didn’t see his first movie and I don’t plan on seeing the second! Kodak Theatre, where American Idol is filmed, is right next door. There is a multiple story open air mall just beyond this. We walked around and listened to the band that was playing in the center of the place. We strolled down the Walk of Fame and looked for famous names. We found Bill Cosby, and wouldn’t you know it….Rex Harrison. Uncle Rex, did you have any idea you were so famous?
We also found Fred, but this guy wouldn’t take his foot off your last name, not sure why.
The Harrisons are everywhere in this town, Louise even has her own restaurant. Don’t worry, we found the Torreys in the San Diego area.

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  1. In n out!!! One of life's simple pleasures, my friend, I agree. My facebook profile pic is me eating the double double animal style when I went to NorCal....mmmmm.