Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sugar Bowl

We managed to save room for dessert after Camarones. We went to “Old Town Scottsdale,” which is an area of town with restaurants and shops that had an old Western atmosphere.
The Sugar Bowl had a 50s diner feel, complete with pink booths! If you are familiar with The Family Circus, apparently it’s been featured several times in the cartoon strip.
And this is the reason why we workout every day. I had the “Baseball Winner.” It was served in a large slender glass…marshmallow topping, strawberry ice cream, carmel sauce (I substituted the hot fudge since I much prefer carmel!), mint chocolate chip ice cream, fluffy whip, topped with a Maraschino cherry! I made it through everything except the marshmallow cream.
Steven had the “Buster Brownie,” which consisted of a fresh-baked brownie, two scoops of cookies and cream ice cream, wallowing in gooey marshmallow nestled under a mountain of whip cream, hot fudge, and a cherry…wow!
And of course, the "after" pictures. I chose not to inquire about the number of calories in this dessert!
There was an old-school arcade in another room of the restaurant. We played Steven’s favorite, the basketball game.
His goal was to leave there with the high score on the machine, and he accomplished leaving his mark!
Then we played my choices: ski ball and Hammerhead.
Steven took this video as I was engrossed in my game. I retaliated and did the same. I enjoy this video of Steven as it captures him getting mad at the game because he didn’t do very well!

Before we left, we walked around the town for a few minutes. By that time all of the stores were closed, so instead we did the obvious alternative, took pictures with the statues!


  1. Yes please! I'll take one of each of your ice creams!

  2. Also, I note that not only is Steven's score the highest on the machine, it's the only! Just saying...