Monday, June 22, 2009

Tony & Tina's Wedding

We wanted to go to a show while we were in Vegas and didn't really have a preference what we saw as long as it was clean! As we were walking down the strip Sunday evening, we were approached by someone outside of Planet Hollywood who was trying to sell timeshares in the new Planet Hollywood towers. We figured we could sacrifice some time the next morning in order to get free tickets to a show. Monday morning we sat through their presentation and the place was actually fabulous! We repeatedly told them "no" as we had planned. Not suprisingly, they didn't seem to understand that our goal was to be debt free and payoff our house; buying a timeshare was definitely not part of that! We expected the pressure and when we finally convinced them that we weren't interested, we chose our free tickets to Tony & Tina's Wedding. It was a dinner show and since we got free breakfast during the presentation, plus an Italian dinner and a show, we decided it was worth the time spent! That night we got dressed up and went to Planet Hollywood for the show.
It was an interactive show where you were treated as an actual guest at a wedding. The actors were in character even when we were standing in line waiting to be seated. The hostess was chatting with people in line as the mother of the bride was coming around asking if anyone had seen the priest. We were seated at a table to the right of the stage and band. The whole thing was a bit like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. There was the overbearing mother of the bride, the pregnant bridesmaid, the father of the groom and his not-so-classy girlfriend, the crazy DJ, and other members of the wedding party and family. It really felt like we were at a wedding and reception. A great Italian dinner was served during the reception while a wedding singer performed classic songs. The wedding party and family had its fair share of drama and arguing. During the reception, all of the guests participated in dancing (limbo and chicken dance included!), wedding toasts (we toasted with our water glasses!), cake cutting, bouquet and garter tosses, and all of the fun wedding craziness. The emcee was hilarious. He was directing the guests to line up at the buffet lines using flashing lights shaped like radar guns. He made the older guests all go to one line, or as he phrased it, "Everyone over 100 in that line, we've got to keep these lines moving!" We lined up behind the guy he referred to as "the dude wearing the one nice shirt in his closet."
After the show, we walked through the Magnificent Mile shops. We met Chuck Liddell, UFC fighter, or his cardboard cutout.As we were walking by GAP, there was a girl wearing the same shirt as the mannequin in the window. She was having her friend take a picture of her as she snuck into the window display. Steven and I thought this was a great idea and joined in on the fun!

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