Saturday, June 6, 2009

Indianapolis Museum of Art

For my birthday, Laura and Alex gave us tickets to the European Design Exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We spent the early part of Saturday afternoon touring the museum and part of the grounds.

The exhibit was full of modern and funky furniture and decor, right up my alley. I didn't get any pictures in this part of the museum because there were security guards every corner we turned. We ventured up to the 3rd floor, which displays all of the contemporary art. I love unique glass vases and art pieces. Here is an extra large one that caught my eye!

These next three displays amused me. The first was a large room with mutiple pieces of red yarn stretching from the large wall of windows to the middle of the floor. I am sure that there are artsy people out there who have some profound interpretation of this piece. The accountant in me just thinks, "Seriously, how much did this thing cost?"

This piece reminded me of the large foot statue on the tv show LOST. Unlike the one in the show, this one had all 5 of its toes.

This next display just made me laugh. I wasn't expecting to see a room full of giant donkeys in the art museum! I particularly enjoyed the "Jesus Rode a Donkey" sign and made Steven pose with it for my picture.

It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Steven had a little trouble looking straight into the sun as we attempted to snap a picture of ourselves in front of Robert Indiana's "LOVE" sculpture.

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  1. That picture of Steven and the donkey is hilarious.