Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camping Preparations

Since we flew here, we didn’t have any spare room for camping materials. The only thing we brought with us is a small tent. On our way to the Grand Canyon, we made a pit stop in Flagstaff and stocked up on supplies. We bought two inexpensive sleeping bags, firewood, lighter, flashlight, campfire forks, cooler, and groceries.
The last stop in Flagstaff was IHOP to stuff ourselves with "real" food before beginning our camping extravaganza.I had reserved a campin site in Grand Canyon National Park for two nights. As soon as we arrived, Steven wanted to set up our tent. He tried to be the typical man and avoid using the directions. I encouraged him to do so, and he finally agreed when he could not figure out where the poles should be inserted in the tent. After I read the directions, we figured out that the poles actually go inside the tent.
Our neighbor loaned us this tent for our trip. He had never used it and we quickly found out that this was probably a good thing. It was tiny, barely big enough for two people. Both Steven and I are taller than the tent, so we couldn't even lie down with our legs straight!The campfire was a success and we made our hotdog dinner over the fire.
We checked out the view of the canyon from the first stopping point near the entrance.

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