Sunday, June 21, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Sunday night we explored the city. We walked for what felt like miles up and down the strip. It's really not too far, but it feels like it because you weave in and out of hotels, through shopping centers, up escalators, and over crosswalks. It is not possible to walk straight down the sidewalk in this city.
These hot air balloons are in one of the shopping centers that you have to cut through to get from Caesar's Palace to the Bellagio.This is outside of Planet Hollywood with the autographs and handprints of the movie stars.
We didn't eat here, but props to this restaurant for being completely honest with its customers.
This part reminds me of Times Square in New York City.
Speaking of New York, the hotel New York New York was one of my favorites. The outside has a Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Bridge, and buildings that look like the city's sky scrapers. There is even a roller coaster running above the hotel! The inside looks like the city streets of New York, with restaurants and shopping that make you feel like you are outdoors. I also really liked the outside of Excalibur, a giant castle that really stands out on the strip.Like any big city, you run into crazy people trying to make money any possible way. We encountered a bronze man with an incredible leaning ability and a tiny Elvis.
The entertainment is endless and there is lots of music, whether it be karoke or a live band. This lady's rendition of Britney Spears is particularly entertaining, at least her friend at the table thought so. They guy shown at the end of the video had been singing right before her. As you can tell from his looks, he was a character.

This band was performing The Devil Went Down to Georgia, but for me, the old guy in the yellow shirt stole the show!

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