Monday, June 15, 2009


For dinner, we drove into Sedona to a village area called Tlaquepaque. It's fun to say, try it, you know you want to! It had lots of small shops, boutiques, and galleries that sell artwork of locals.
This shop was closed, but I snapped pictures through the windows since I love fun glass pieces!

We walked through this shop that sold jewelry and wall décor. I think the least expensive piece I saw was still several thousand dollars! The stuff was really cool though!

In the center of the shops was an area with benches and a fountain. I really don't know where all the people out West are, but we seem to find these empty charming places. It works out though, we can take our cheesy pictures without feeling completely goofy!
We had dinner in the village, at Oak Creek Canyon Grill.

The pizza was good, but we picked all of the sausage off. The chunks kind of freaked us out!

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