Monday, June 15, 2009

Montezuma Castle & Well

Our next destination, Sedona, is about 2 hours north of Phoenix. We left Monday afternoon to drive to Sedona.

I made sure to take my motion sickness medicine before the drive!

There was not much sign of civilization along this drive, but there were a few random houses. I love the architecture and the styles of homes here.

Along the way, in Camp Verde, is Montezuma Castle. It is a ruin of an Indian dwelling on the side of a limestone cliff.

Montezuma Well is 11 miles from the castle and is home to more Sinaguan cliff dwellings, pueblo ruins, plus an irrigation ditch that was used by the Indians.

The road back to the interstate was quite bumpy. I think we passed one car this entire time and had no cell phone signal. This was definitely a place where you would not want to have a flat tire or car trouble. Not that you would anywhere, but this place especially!

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