Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cravings Buffet

With our hotel reservations, we received a $40 dining credit at one of the hotel restaurants. We chose to spend it on Tuesday's lunch at the Cravings Buffet. There was every type of food known to man....American, Chinese, Seafood, Raw Food (pass), Italian, salad, pasta, carving station, dessert, and the list continues. We had quite an assortment. I had a Caesar salad, a slice of pizza, pasta with pesto sauce, watermelon, pinneaple, chips with salsa and guacomole, and sweet potatos! Random, I know, but that is the only reason you eat at a buffet! Steven had pepperoni pizza, bacon, eggs, french toast, and potato wedges. On top of all of that, there was the dessert bar! The best part about dessert at a buffet is you can get all sorts of desserts and just sample each. Don't worry, that is what we really did! We certainly didn't eat all of these, just a bite or two of each. There wasn't much room left after that massive plate of food in the previous picture. I had coconut and black raspberry gelato, white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, oatmeal raisin cookie, and white chocolate raspberry mousse. Steven sampled the same cookie, chocolate cake, cherry cheesecake, and chocolate soft serve ice cream not shown here.

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