Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye Vegas

We decided to depart Vegas a day ahead of schedule to head to LA (you'll see why in a later post). This meant that we had to hit the remainder of the Vegas must sees that day. The first wasn't on the list, just a random encounter in our hotel lobby. There was a lady with her pet baby kangaroo in a bag.
We took a short tram ride from our hotel to the Treasure Island hotel next door. There is a free nightly pirate show on the large ship outside the hotel. Like the volcano show at our hotel, I discovered this too late to actually get to see it. There's always next time, or probably You Tube if I really wanted to see it!
This crazy motorcycle, "The Sirens of TI", was inside the hotel casino.
Across the street was The Venetian, which is home to a famous canal and gondola ride inside of the hotel.
Take a close look at this picture. I jumped a little when I was taking it when the statue unexpectedly started moving! He's actually another street performer.
We did a repeat of our mannequin pose from the previous night! This time was in a Banana Republic store window. We're hoping to become street performers and give up our day jobs.
We got our picture taken with the performers, The Blue Man Group. Maybe they were only statues, can you tell?

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