Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beverly Hills

When we decided to leave Vegas a night early and drive to LA, we had to figure out a place to stay. During the 5 hour drive, I used my oh so handy iPhone, and bid on a hotel near Hollywood on priceline.com. It turned out well and we ended up at the Marriott Residence Inn in Beverly Hills. I checked the price on Marriott's website and it would have been two and a half times more if I had booked it directly. Good deal! If you aren't familiar with Priceline, the Name Your Own Price feature allows you to do just what it says. You choose the area, the hotel rating (for example: 3 1/2 stars), and the price. The website will check and see if any hotels meeting these specifications accept the price. You can only bid once every 24 hours unless you change one of the specifications. If a hotel accepts, you are obligated to purchase and cancellations are not allowed. After your bid is accepted, you will find out which hotel has accepted your offer and that's where you stay. It works out well, especially for last minute stays such as this one, since hotels want to fill their empty rooms. The only downside is I didn't get my Marriott points for this stay since we paid through Priceline. This was another suite, complete with a full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room.
Don't worry, I didn't forget the video tour.

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