Friday, June 26, 2009

The Crazies Come Out

This wouldn’t be Hollywood without its share of unique sightings. When we were there on Friday there were crowds lined up again. This time it wasn’t for a movie premiere, but to visit Michael Jackson’s star on the sidewalk. The streets were lined with tv crews and police officers on horses to control the crowd. As we drove by, I got a glimpse of his star in front of Chinese Theatre, covered in flowers. I know I’ve mentioned MJ twice now, not that I’m a fan (I think the reactions are beyond nuts), but it was kind of crazy that all of this happened while we were in town. This brought all sorts of crazies out. There were people in the streets selling t-shirts and even Elmo was wearing one! Spiderman, on the other hand, opted for his traditional attire.
We did pass a leopard-print limo. You don’t see many of those in Indianapolis. Another unique thing I noticed about Los Angeles is everywhere you look there is a movie advertisement. They are on billboards, benches, city bus stops, store windows, and buildings. We had to see the Hollywood sign on the hill. We did our other sightseeing first and it was dark by the time we were driving up to Griffith Observatory to get a good view. The place was packed and we assumed all of these people were doing the same thing we were. We had to park a good distance away and walk the rest of the way up the hill. When we got there, we weren’t seeing anything except crowds of people in the observatory. When we asked one of the staff how we could see the Hollywood sign, she said, “If you had a really powerful flashlight and shined it up the hill, you could see it.” Apparently it is not lit up! Who knew? All those people were really there for the observatory. We had come all the way to Hollywood and weren’t going to leave without getting a view of the famous landmark, so we made the trip again the next day and finally got to see it, no flashlight required!

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