Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ATV Adventure

There are many ways to tour Sedona; we chose to see the sights on a half-day ATV tour. We wore helmets, goggles, and bandanas. All were necessary protection from the bumpy ride and the dust. Steven and I took the last place in the line of vehicles, which meant we were completely covered in red dust! I think we resemble terrorists in this picture. You may see us on next season’s episode of 24.
We were with a group of about 15 people, including a tour guide. There were 8 ATVs on the tour.
Steven and I chose to share an ATV and took turns driving.
He drove the first third and I drove the last two thirds. I think he was getting more of a kick out of seeing me drive that thing!

We made two quick stops during the trip, just long enough to snap a few pictures and drink a bottle of water. We took a 30+ mile trail through Coconino National Forest. We didn’t get to see any wildlife, but we did pass a small snake!

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