Thursday, June 17, 2010

Corfu, Greece

The next day we were at the island of Corfu, Greece. This is much more commercialized and completely different than Santorini. Our day started out a bit rough. We were again planning to rent a scooter and assumed that we could do that in Corfu Town, the main destination for most people on the ship. We bought tickets to ride the cruise line’s shuttle to Corfu Town. It dropped us off right by the Old Fort.
We decided since we were there we might as well check it out. We bought tickets and went inside the gates. There wasn’t much there unless you wanted to climb lots and lots of steps to make it to the top of the fort.
It was hot and neither of us were thrilled by that idea. We decided to call it a loss and skip out on seeing anymore of the fort.
We walked into the town area where the shops and restaurants and asked where we could find a place to rent scooters.
Much to our dismay, they pointed us in the direction down by the port where we had gotten off the ship. We walked the 20 or so minutes back and found the rental shops. We passed a Pizza Hut on our way, complete with delivery scooters!
The owners didn’t speak much English, but they made it clear that they wouldn’t rent us a scooter unless one of us had a scooter license. The place in Santorini didn’t even ask to see a drivers license, just asked for a name and a license number. Luckily Steven had his motorcycle permit in his wallet and they were willing to accept that. We talked them down on the price a bit since we only needed the scooter for a few hours, not the entire day. We took off toward the other side of the island to Paleokrista.
It was much different driving the scooter in Corfu because we were on highways, parts with multiple lanes of traffic. You probably want to mute your sound when you watch this video because the wind is noisy!
It was noticeably different than Santorini, which had no stoplights or even stop signs.
In my opinion, the Paleokrista side of the island was much prettier. The water was clear and beautiful and it was surrounded by mountains.
We drove down to the pier and checked out the boats.
We didn’t have too much time so we opted not go on a boat tour or rent a boat. If you have all day, it is fairly inexpensive to rent a boat for the day and take it out to see some of the nearby islands and caves.

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