Saturday, June 19, 2010

Barcelona, Spain

We flew from Venice to Barcelona, Spain, arriving Saturday evening. Barcelona’s airport is really nice, very clean, modern, and has lots of shopping.
We didn’t have any transportation planned, but showed someone the address to our hotel and they pointed us to a bus that would drop us nearby. On our way, we drove by a Harley convention.  I couldn't get a clear picture since the bus was zooming down the road.
We rode the bus to its last stop, Placa de Catalunya which is a nice central location in Barcelona. 
If you want, a fun way to explore the city would be by bicycle.  There are stations like these around where you can rent a bike and return it at another station.
We walked just a couple of blocks and easily found our hotel. I immediately liked this city! It is the most commercialized of anyplace that we had been and somewhat reminded me of New York City. There are tons of stores and restaurants. Similar to NYC, Barcelona is known as the city that never sleeps. Restaurants stay open late, which was good since we weren’t eating dinner until nearly 10:00 PM. There are traces of the states here as we spotted McDonalds,. Burger King, and a Starbucks.  A popular area called Las Ramblas stretches from Placa de Catalunya all the way through town toward the water.  The street is lined with shops, vendors, and performers.  You'll even see vendors selling all kinds of birds!
 While exploring the city, we caught a distant view of what appears to be a palace on top of the hill. 
And then of course there's the modern day palace, the W Hotel down by the water!

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