Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

There were lots of activities to choose from while on board. We attended a “Singing through the Movies” production by the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers as well as a magic show. A few nights we watched the karaoke competitions and a “Name that Tune” interactive show hosted by a hilarious Brazilian who unknowingly mispronounced singers names, such as Jimmy Buffet and Billy Joel. His commentary made the show a hit. The ship hosted its own version of the Newlyweds Game, called Love & Marriage Gameshow.
Four couples were chose from the crowd and competed. The middle-aged couples teenage children were seated behind us and had to leave the theatre from sheer embarrassment. The oldest couple to participate was a British couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. The most memorable comment of the night came from this couple’s answer for the last question, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever made love?” Without hesitation, he answered “In a hammock, standing up.” His wife, at least 75 years old, came flying out of her seat and spun around to give him a look. That definitely wasn’t close to what she had answered! Everyone in the audience about lost it, even though his answer was a setup. One of the most popular evenings was the Quest Gameshow. The audience was split into groups of 4-6 people. The game was similar to a scavenger hunt, but the host would call out different items and a team representative would have to run with that item up to the host to earn points. Some of the items included two men’s shirts, a woman wearing a pair of men’s shoes on her feet, a woman wearing a cruise waiter or bartender’s vest, two men holding hands skipping to the stage, a woman’s pantyhose or legs draped over a man’s arms, and plenty more!
The final night onboard was the Battle of the Sexes. Steven volunteered for the men’s team. The guys and girls had to compete in humorous challenges. Steven showed off his hula hoop skills that I didn’t know he had. Little did I know, he took second place in a hula hoop competition in second grade, ha ha!

The funniest challenge was to take a spoon attached to a long string and weave it up and down through each team member’s articles of clothing.
In the end, the boys dominated the competition and took home Royal Caribbean medals. Each night there were themed parties. We only made it to one, which was held poolside and had an amazing buffet with ice sculptures, chocolate statues, and fruit creations.
Our last day on the ship was spent at sea. It was nice to have downtime to sit by the pool, read, and relax. We checked out the 12-hole putt putt course, where I might add, I beat Steven by a landslide.

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