Saturday, June 12, 2010

Splendour of the Seas

The cruise ship had everything you could need or want and there were plenty of activities to keep us busy. The only time we spent in our room was when we were sleeping or getting ready. The boat had one large main formal dining room, buffet style restaurant, another “American food” restaurant, coffee shop, internet center, an indoor and outdoor pool both with hot tubs, mini golf course, rock climbing wall, fitness center, casino, theatre, library, bars, lounges, and more! One thing you will surely not do on a cruise is go hungry. We made sure to hit the gym every day to try and balance out all of the food intake. Food is available somewhere around the clock. If none of the restaurants are open, room service is available. The food was really good and there was certainly something for everyone.  This cruise had a formal seating for dinner, which meant we were assigned one of the two dining times and had a specific dinner table for the week. Our dinner time was 6:30 and we sat with 4 other young couples. If you wanted to dine in the formal dining room, dinner was a three course meal with a menu of around half a dozen selections for each course. There were casual, dressy casual, and formal nights, which we followed as best we could with the clothes that we had packed. We opted to eat in the main dining room almost every night.

Since we were celebrating our anniversary during our vacation, one night the waiters brought out a special dessert for us and gathered around the table to serenade us with a “Happy Anniversary” song.
Our table’s waiter was a man named Mejikimo from India. Each night at the end of dinner he had a riddle for us or showed us a magic or card trick. It was hilarious because he almost always messed up the card tricks and with a grin had to try a second or third time until he got it right! Steven went back the last night of our trip and taught him a simple, yet impressive card trick that he was bound to get on the first attempt. Our assistant waiter was a man named Sebastian. I can’t remember where he was from, but we just found it funny that when he served the bread to the ladies at the table he always said in his thick accent, “Lady, you want some bread?”
We enjoyed getting the chance to get to know the other couples sitting at our table, swapping stories about the day’s adventures. There were usually at least 6 at our dinner table and we had fun hanging out with the other couples, attending some of the evening shows together and playing cards in the library. Several nights we had a great time playing cards until almost 2 or 3 in the morning with Dori and Bruce, one of the couples from our table. They are from Atlanta, are both Christians and teachers. It was fun getting to know them and we had a lot in common. The last night on board, one of the other couples joined us for a few rounds of the game Spoons (or Forks in this case since that is all we find). Gary and Louise are from Scotland and had gotten married the week preceding the cruise.

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