Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Donkey Ride

I was most excited about visiting Greece on this trip. Once I saw photos of Santorini, I knew I would love it! This was my favorite stop of our entire trip. The town is located at the very top of the mountain.
There are a few transportation options to get from the port to the top: ride a donkey, walk up lots of steps in the same path as the donkeys, or take a cable car. The donkey ride sounded like the most exciting option for the way up. There are lots of donkeys taking people up and down the mountain and the animals are pretty well trained to go on their own.
They just come in lines and a guy would grab one to make it stop long enough for you to hop on then it would take off up the steps.
Once they get to the top, there is a guy waiting there who turns them around and they take off back down on their own. One of the guys who worked there wanted to go up the mountain and unfortunately chose Steven’s donkey to hold onto as he walked up!
It’s a steep trip up and you get an up close view of the cliff drop-offs when the donkeys decide to slam their bodies right along the outer wall. It would be bad news if your donkey decided to have a fit at this moment!
The donkeys don’t really have a spacial awareness so they just sort of bang into each other, which gets a bit awkward when you are surrounded by strangers. Oh well, we were all in the same situation so you just got used to letting your donkey knock its way through where it pleased. It was a fun experience and gave us great views of the coast, not to mention a few funny pictures.

Just remember, no parking your donkey in front of this resident's garage!

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