Thursday, April 1, 2010

Walking to Downtown Nassau

Thursday afternoon after running at the gym then spending a few hours at the beach and pools, we decided to venture to downtown Nassau. A hotel worker told us it wasn't within walking distance. Since everyone's definition of "walking distance" is different, we decided to still give it a try. We weren't in a hurry, and hey, we're in the Bahamas. Why not enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunny day?It was neat to get out of the touristy section and see other parts of the island. We saw residential areas, parks, stores, businesses, rundown hotels, abandoned homes and boarded up restaurants. Of course I didn't take pictures of those, but it was really interesting to see all of these places that have fallen by the wayside in this land of paradise. There would be a fancy home and then next door a boarded up rundown empty one that at one point in time was probably pretty nice.
We passed a cute area with restaurants and shopping about 10 minutes before we arrived to the downtown area. An hour and forty minutes later, we arrived at our destination, Conch Fritters in downtown Nassau. I have no idea how many miles it was, but certainly enough to rack up an appetite. Neither Steven nor I like seafood, so we pretty much stick to American food while we're traveling. It's always a safe bet! We're not big "foodies" so eating the local cuisine isn't one of our top priorities. These burgers that we ordered were massive! Steven didn't think I would come close to finishing mine. After only a small breakfast and lunch that day and a long walk, I was ready to prove him wrong!And I did, thank you very much.After dinner, we explored downtown Nassau. The shops close fairly early, at least by 5:30, so they were all closed by this time. We walked around and checked out where the cruise ships arrive.I thought this was quite a funny sign to have posted on the side of a building. By talking to a cashier, we learned that there is a public bus that runs from downtown Nassau to Cable Beach, where we are staying. For only $1.25 a person each way, we could save ourselves and hour and forty minute walk or a $15 cab ride. We'll definitely be taking advantage of this find for the remainder of our trip. My feet and my wallet were both thankful!

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