Sunday, April 4, 2010

Senor Frogs

Sunday evening we took what is now becoming a familiar bus trip to downtown Nassau, this time to eat dinner at Senor Frogs.
It was quite an entertaining restaurant, complete with a view from a fish's perspective. This was on the ceiling above our table.
If you didn’t grow up setting a table every night, Senor Frogs gives you a sort of cheat sheet.
Apparently, nobody spell-checked the table (see the word “stain”).
My mother has told me my entire life that I am not allowed to put my elbows on the table. It looks like this restaurant has its own set of rules!We sat outside and had a great view of the lighthouse. It's across the water on the end of Paradise Island.During dinner, one of the massive cruise ships was departing the island. We watched a jet skier get chased down by a police boat when it zoomed by the cruise ship that was trying to turn around. I guess we’re on an unplanned quest to find the island’s best burger. This one rated highly!

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