Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We were able to participate in an Easter service on the beach, led by a local minister. What a neat experience to celebrate the resurrection in such a breathtakingly beautiful place! From this view at least you can't see the old guy in the Speedo, ha ha!Of course we sat in the front row, Steven doesn't like to change this habit! The minister led the songs and held the microphone up to Steven for him to sing one of the verses. He asked for volunteers to come up and lead one of the prayers, and you better believe my husband jumped right up to the front! I'm so proud of him!The day wouldn't be complete without Easter decorations for the kiddos! There were planned activities for the kids, including a sand castle building contest. I think the winning team made a Bugs Bunny shaped sand creation, complete with snorkeling gear for Bugs. I was tempted to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt that followed the contest!After a fancy peanut butter sandwich for Easter lunch, we were ready to hit the beach!

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