Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bahamas Beach Bums

Normally, I have trouble sitting still and relaxing. Weird, I know. You other "Type A" personalities out there know what I mean. But, for this vacation I truly wanted to sit back, relax, and enjoy a low key vacation!

So each day I have covered every inch in SPF 55 sunscreen (SPF 95 for my face), put on my big floppy hat, and grabbed my shades to spend a few hours reading on the beach. Vacation is the only time during the year when I actually take the time to sit back and read a book. I've made it through one book already, given to me just last week by my parents for my 26th birthday. I'm about a third of the way through book #2.
Steven is definitely in his element and enjoys soaking up the sun! Look at that stud!
There are lots of fun water activities to do in the area. Our hotel has free snorkeling equipment, kayaks, floats, and giant water tricycles available. We took the kayak out the first day, which was a lot of fun, but it's been so windy every other day we haven't yet had a chance to take the giant water tricycle for a spin! I am hoping we get a chance to before we leave. It looks so dorky, but oh so fun! We see quite a few boat tours, wave runners, and parasails from our view on the beach. The ocean is really shallow in this area and you can walk all the way out to the rope in the back of the picture and still stand up in the water. The ocean water is super clear, which I certainly prefer so I can see what exactly is in the water next to me. I did see some little fish, but that's about it, thankfully!

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  1. Pretty beach! I did not even know there is such a thing as SPF 95.