Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Piece of the Bahamas

I spotted this necklace on Saturday when we went into a jewelry store in downtown Nassau. I liked it a lot, but decided not to spend the money on it. Steven told me later that he thought we should go back and get it the next day so I could have something to keep from the Bahamas. We went back Sunday before eating dinner and the store had already closed. Places don't seem to have set hours around here because their business revolves around the tourists, especially these stores that are located right by the cruise ship ports. They close down pretty early in the day, usually by 5:30. We decided to try even earlier the next day. Our second attempt, on Monday evening we got there even earlier. Once again, the store had already closed! We asked a guy closing up the shop across the street what time this store closed every evening. He said 6:00. I raised my eyebrows as I looked at my watch and saw it was only 4:55 and everyone in the store was long gone. There really doesn't seem to be any concept of time here! Steven was still determined to buy that necklace for me and was not giving up so easily! While I was finishing getting ready on Tuesday morning before checkout, he caught the bus downtown and bought the necklace for me. What a sweet guy! Thankfully the store was actually open!!

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