Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ashley & Matt's Wedding

Ashley and Matt's big day finally arrived on July 11th! They were married at East 91st Street Church and the reception was at The Hawthorne country club in Fishers. It was fun to get to hang out with all of my great BSU friends! I lifted this picture from Rachel's Picasa album because I love how it captures Ashley's personality. She looked beautiful and was so excited!
Sarah and Rachel are missing since they were inside getting pictures taken.To kill time before the reception began, we went to Steak 'n Shake for a round of Diet Cokes and milkshakes. I brought my new Flip Video along to test out for the first time.

I had time to run into Meijer too because when I arrived at the wedding I realized I had forgotten to insert the memory card into my camera. We made a quick pit stop at the store to pick up a new one so I could take pictures of the remainder of the evening.When we arrived at The Hawthorne, there was a cocktail hour and receiving line. The reception hall was beautifully decorated in white, black, and teal.We sat at a Table 10 with the rest of our crew.We can do our best to dress them in suits and ties, but we can't ever get them to behave. Steven and Dan thought the napkins served a better use as crowns.Sarah Deyer made the mistake of leaving her camera unattended. I'm sure she was surprised later to find these pictures and more captured during her absence.Each couple in the bridal party was introduced and made a grand entrance by showing off their dance moves to the music. When all of the bridal party made it to the front, they danced to "Let's Get this Party Started" and they certainly did just that!The new bride and groom cut the cake and shared their first dance.
I miss getting to hang out with my best girlfriends! We don't get to see each other often enough since we're now spread out all over Indiana. We've been friends since my freshman year of college...all Botsford dorm girls then we moved to Noyer where we met Sarah D. Our final years in school, we resided on the lovely Gilbert St in Muncie-land. This is all of us...Kari, Linds, me, Ash, Rach, Sarah, and Sarah.The boys being boys again.
We were finally able to capture the entire group together.

Ashley loves to dance so you know this was going to be one fun dance party! After the bridal party traditional dance songs and one slow song for the guests, the music took and upbeat turn and the dance floor was packed for the next several hours.
Time to break out the Flip Video at the reception. This one makes me laugh.
This one goes out to Ashley. It started with a little dancing.
Then the microphone made it's way into her hands.
And it ended in a full-fledged sing-a-long!
We left the reception at 10:00 in order to make it to our neighbor's house in time to watch the UFC fights of the night. After a couple hours of dancing, my sweaty hair had absolutely no sign of curl left! We had such a blast and I hated for it to end.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome Everly Jayce!

While we were on our trip, Natalja gave birth to a healthy little girl, Everly Jayce Harrison. This is #13 of my neices and nephews. Jason and Natalja now have 5 beautiful and sweet young ladies! I lifted this picture from their Facebook album so I could have a picture of the entire family. Isabell (10), Jacqueline (8), Abigail (6), and Alexandra (2 3) will be such great big sisters to the newest Harrison! (I am hoping that I got all of the ages correct!)We slept in on Sunday to try and adjust to the time difference between IN and CA, then drove to Brown County to meet the new baby. While in town, we visited my parents at their house and then Kenny, Nichole, and the boys in Columbus. We arrived in time for a cookout that they were hosting for their neighbors. Here is Steven with the youngest of the boys, Ezra (10 months old at the time). The older two, Ben and Elijah, were busy playing with the neighbor kids.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Homeward Bound

The 4th of July had finally arrived, our sad day of departure. I couldn't believe that three weeks had come and gone and it was time to return home. This was a bittersweet day for us. While it is always nice to come home, we would have liked to stay in San Fran longer and would have continued the vacation to different cities for several more weeks! The biggest challenge of the return trip was fitting everything back in our suitcases and being under the 50 pound weight limit for each one. Kathryn had big bag of shoes and clothes for me to sort through and take what I wanted. I found all sorts of things to take with me, plus 3 pairs of shoes to bring home for Tricia since Kathryn wears a half size smaller than me. I couldn't even take everything that I liked because I simply didn't have enough room. I cleared out a bunch of toiletries and random items to leave for Kathryn to make room for my new (to me) clothes.At the airport, our suitcases both weighed in at 54 pounds. We managed to rearrange a few things and shift the weight to our carry-ons. Steven looks rather thrilled to be pushing around a cart of heavy bags at 7 in the morning!When we retreived our luggage in Indianapolis, we found the suitcase borrowed from Steven's parents had been banged up during the flight. It had a tear in the fabric on top as well as two holes on the back of the suitcase. Bad news, especially since it wasn't ours! I went to the baggae office for the airlines and nicely explained the situation to them. The desk attendant went to the back and rolled out a brand new suitcase! Less than 2 minutes later we were on our way, new suitcase in hand. Steven's parents were happy to receive it. I wish I had thought of this three weeks earlier because I had similar trouble on our flight to Phoenix. When we picked up my suitcase after the initial flight, one of the wheels had been entirely ripped off! That made it a huge pain for Steven the rest of the trip since he had to carry the super heavy suitcase everywhere instead of rolling it. For some reason, it didn't even register to me to report the damage until the incident with the other suitcase. Since then, I have been attempting to contact the airline and see if there is anything they can do about my suitcase. No luck yet.

Flip Video

The night before we left San Francisco, Lauren (Kat's roommate) gave Steven and I a Flip Video camera to say thanks for the help with the furniture and unpacking in the apartment. It was such a sweet and unexpected surprise! Lauren is a sales manager/trainer for the company that sells Flip Videos. Dad bought Mom the first generation Flip Video camera a year or two ago, so I was familiar with the concept. This is a newer version that holds 2 hours of video and has a larger screen on the back. On the side a USB plug-in flips out to plug directly into your computer to upload the videos. It is about the same size as a digital camera. I was so excited about this gift and can't wait to use it. Good news for my blog...the videos will continue! Thanks Lauren!

Eat Fresh

Since we were constantly on the move during our trip, we had to eat out for most of our meals. We kept a stock of granola bars and fruit for breakfast, as well as snack food and bottled water for throughout the day. Other than several lunches of peanut butter sandwiches on the road, we ate the majority of our lunches at Subway. It was a great way to save money since Steven and I could split a $5 footlong sub and each have a glass of water. Each time it was the same order: footlong ham on 9-grain wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, my half with Chipotle Southwest, and Steven's half with no sauce. Luckily, neither of us got sick of eating there! We would use the "Around Me" application on my iPhone to locate the closest restaurant. They really are all over the place and we never had to go out of our way to find one, even in the airport, Sedona, or outside of Bryce Canyon! It didn't matter the city or the look of the building, the food was always consistent and delicious!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Snob Hill

Since I included a tour of every place we stayed during vacation, I wanted to do the same for Kat's apartment. It wasn't fully put together by the time we departed, but as promised, Kathryn sent me pictures to complete my blog! Kathryn and Lauren's new apartment is in an area of San Francisco called Nob Hill, lovingly referred to by it's newest residents as Snob Hill. They live on the first floor of their building and have great tall ceilings. The front door enters into a nice open kitchen. To the right is the living room in the front of the apartment.
Down the long hallway is the bathroom, hall closet, and the two bedrooms. Lauren's room is first, off to the right.
Kathryn's bedroom is at the end of the hallway.
My twin made me so proud and keeping with my theme, provided a video tour to include. You may have to click the link and view it through Shutterfly.