Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ashley & Matt's Wedding

Ashley and Matt's big day finally arrived on July 11th! They were married at East 91st Street Church and the reception was at The Hawthorne country club in Fishers. It was fun to get to hang out with all of my great BSU friends! I lifted this picture from Rachel's Picasa album because I love how it captures Ashley's personality. She looked beautiful and was so excited!
Sarah and Rachel are missing since they were inside getting pictures taken.To kill time before the reception began, we went to Steak 'n Shake for a round of Diet Cokes and milkshakes. I brought my new Flip Video along to test out for the first time.

I had time to run into Meijer too because when I arrived at the wedding I realized I had forgotten to insert the memory card into my camera. We made a quick pit stop at the store to pick up a new one so I could take pictures of the remainder of the evening.When we arrived at The Hawthorne, there was a cocktail hour and receiving line. The reception hall was beautifully decorated in white, black, and teal.We sat at a Table 10 with the rest of our crew.We can do our best to dress them in suits and ties, but we can't ever get them to behave. Steven and Dan thought the napkins served a better use as crowns.Sarah Deyer made the mistake of leaving her camera unattended. I'm sure she was surprised later to find these pictures and more captured during her absence.Each couple in the bridal party was introduced and made a grand entrance by showing off their dance moves to the music. When all of the bridal party made it to the front, they danced to "Let's Get this Party Started" and they certainly did just that!The new bride and groom cut the cake and shared their first dance.
I miss getting to hang out with my best girlfriends! We don't get to see each other often enough since we're now spread out all over Indiana. We've been friends since my freshman year of college...all Botsford dorm girls then we moved to Noyer where we met Sarah D. Our final years in school, we resided on the lovely Gilbert St in Muncie-land. This is all of us...Kari, Linds, me, Ash, Rach, Sarah, and Sarah.The boys being boys again.
We were finally able to capture the entire group together.

Ashley loves to dance so you know this was going to be one fun dance party! After the bridal party traditional dance songs and one slow song for the guests, the music took and upbeat turn and the dance floor was packed for the next several hours.
Time to break out the Flip Video at the reception. This one makes me laugh.
This one goes out to Ashley. It started with a little dancing.
Then the microphone made it's way into her hands.
And it ended in a full-fledged sing-a-long!
We left the reception at 10:00 in order to make it to our neighbor's house in time to watch the UFC fights of the night. After a couple hours of dancing, my sweaty hair had absolutely no sign of curl left! We had such a blast and I hated for it to end.

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