Thursday, July 2, 2009

Academy of Sciences

For Thursday night, Kathryn had bought us tickets to a Night Life event at the California Academy of Sciences. After Lauren and Kathryn tested out the new oven mitts purchased at Target, we headed out to pick up Katie. Aren't they cute roommates?On the way we realized that there was no entry allowed after 9 PM. We had less than 5 minutes to make it there. Even with Steven's mad driving skills, a few squealing tire moves, and a sprint to the door in heels, we got there about 10 minutes too late. Luckily, Lauren was able to do a little talking and we made it in!The event is sponsored by Facebook and is basically a big party in a science museum at night.Depending on the week, there are different activities and performers. There was dancing and food if you wanted to partake, plus lots to see! This is Lauren's favorite albino alligator.We mainly walked around downstairs in the aquariam/sea life area.This particular display intrigued me: the contents of a tiger shark's stomach.We stayed until the event closed for the night then went back to the apartment. Lucky Steven got to hang out with these four ladies for the evening: Kathryn, Lauren, Katie, and me.Kat fell asleep soon after we got back, but Steven and I stayed up talking to Lauren and Katie for several hours. We had fun getting a chance to know her sweet friends!

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