Saturday, July 4, 2009

Homeward Bound

The 4th of July had finally arrived, our sad day of departure. I couldn't believe that three weeks had come and gone and it was time to return home. This was a bittersweet day for us. While it is always nice to come home, we would have liked to stay in San Fran longer and would have continued the vacation to different cities for several more weeks! The biggest challenge of the return trip was fitting everything back in our suitcases and being under the 50 pound weight limit for each one. Kathryn had big bag of shoes and clothes for me to sort through and take what I wanted. I found all sorts of things to take with me, plus 3 pairs of shoes to bring home for Tricia since Kathryn wears a half size smaller than me. I couldn't even take everything that I liked because I simply didn't have enough room. I cleared out a bunch of toiletries and random items to leave for Kathryn to make room for my new (to me) clothes.At the airport, our suitcases both weighed in at 54 pounds. We managed to rearrange a few things and shift the weight to our carry-ons. Steven looks rather thrilled to be pushing around a cart of heavy bags at 7 in the morning!When we retreived our luggage in Indianapolis, we found the suitcase borrowed from Steven's parents had been banged up during the flight. It had a tear in the fabric on top as well as two holes on the back of the suitcase. Bad news, especially since it wasn't ours! I went to the baggae office for the airlines and nicely explained the situation to them. The desk attendant went to the back and rolled out a brand new suitcase! Less than 2 minutes later we were on our way, new suitcase in hand. Steven's parents were happy to receive it. I wish I had thought of this three weeks earlier because I had similar trouble on our flight to Phoenix. When we picked up my suitcase after the initial flight, one of the wheels had been entirely ripped off! That made it a huge pain for Steven the rest of the trip since he had to carry the super heavy suitcase everywhere instead of rolling it. For some reason, it didn't even register to me to report the damage until the incident with the other suitcase. Since then, I have been attempting to contact the airline and see if there is anything they can do about my suitcase. No luck yet.

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